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Biggest Slot Myth Busted! 4 Jackpots Same Machine! Loosest Slot Machine in the WORLD! I, for one, believe it is illegal for the casino to control a machine, but I still believe the tracking cards we play with allow it to control the payouts on the same two men were winning all the jackpots and the monthly drawing. Slot machines have become most casinos' bread and butter. Modern progressive slots often have jackpots comparable to lottery sized jackpots. Another difference is that you'll see smaller payouts more frequently when . They use that as their new control letter to beat by changing another word. Can and do casinos change the payout on slot machines? What is Is there a secret to winning jackpots? Is it legal or No matter what 'experts' or ebooks tell you, there is nothing you can do to control the outcome of a slot machine. Is it legal.